TIG Lathe Welding

  • Engineering and our welding application specialist have performed metal joining in precision pulse TIG processes for 25 years. Our automated, PC-driven pulse GTAW weld lathe removes variation from orbital and linear joints. The same personnel and equipment produce critical seams on our burst disc diaphragms.
  • As a UPC customer, your company can reduce design costs and product lead time by partnering with our design and engineering team early in your development stage. We apply our design expertise to the development of your welded assembly from joint design to associated heat sinks, and related tooling.
  • Applications are evaluated to ensure materials are suitable for the working environment. Consideration is given to important matters such as; strength, fatigue, operating parameters, and cost.
  • The goal of reliable economical solutions make a partnership approach increasingly important due to the cost that can be removed from processes and the speed in which solutions can be reached.
  • We welcome any questions about lathe welding so please feel free to contact us.